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Leverage vehicle-to-home and vehicle-to-grid smart charging technology to balance your network, reduce emissions and generate revenue.

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Multi-user EV Charging Software

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Share EV chargers across multiple parties or publicly. Effortlessly setup multi-user EV chargers and let ev.energy take care of charge authorisation, cost settlement, driver experience and circuit loading.

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The future starts here.

A new era in energy and transport is upon us.
Demand and supply on the grid is changing. Smooth out peaks and troughs with vehicle-to-grid technology.
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Soak up clean energy when it’s available, then use it when it’s needed with bi-directional charging.
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Launch market-leading V2X products and incentivize driver participation for the benefit of the grid and the planet.
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V2X White Paper

Discover the latest V2X trial insights and our roadmap for industry in the UK and around the world.

Types of V2X

For domestic cars.
Drivers earn money by taking advantage of fluctuating energy demand and pricing through ‘selling’ power back to the grid at peak times or during occasional grid stress events.
Drivers maximize energy bill savings by charging with cheaper, greener electricity using their car batteries to power their homes and avoid importing power when electricity prices are highest.
During a power cut, when a home becomes disconnected from the grid, V2X can turn a driver’s car into an emergency power supply - acting as a generator.

Five levels of Smart Charging

Bi-directional charging relies on Smart Charging to unlock maximum value.
Drivers manually manage
their charging by setting
timers with incentives to
start at off-peak times.
This reduces cost and
carbon impact but creates
secondary peaks.
Automated charging. The
schedule is optimised
for lowest cost and can
dynamically respond
to grid signals (V1G) to
give the driver additional
savings. Aligning with
real-time grid renewables
lowers carbon impact.
Level 2 (V1G) + collaborative
optimization with other
home energy assets, e.g.
solar PV. battery, heat
pump (V1H). Maximises
self-consumption of solar
for the cheapest, greenest
EV stores and sends
power to the home,
enabling off-peak energy
to be used a peak times
(V2H). Reduces strain and
reliance on the grid.
Level 4 (V2H) + EV stores
and sends power to the
grid (V2G). Drivers earn
money for exporting
energy on top of savings.
Maximises energy
flexibility for the grid.

Powering a clean energy future

ev.energy makes it possible.
Over 100,000 drivers (and counting) around the world rely on our award-winning Smart Charging tech to say in charge.
Funded by Innovate UK, our V2X-Flex project with the Energy Systems Catapult unlocks a host of insights to inform your next move.
From America’s largest charging programme, SmartCharge New York, to Volkswagen Group in Germany.

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