Connecting your Tesla - Step by step

We have an official integration with Tesla, to allow direct connectivity to access your Tesla account securely. This enables tracking of charging sessions, and the option to control charging. Connect your Tesla account through our official integration with Tesla in two steps:

   1. Grant permissions to continue accessing your vehicle data 

   2. Pair your vehicle to allow to smart charge your vehicle, optimise for cheaper and lower carbon electricity.

Granting Permissions

During onboarding or when prompted to reconnect your vehicle, follow these instructions to grant access to your Tesla account.

   1. Tap the 'Allow' button located at the bottom of the screen.

   2. Tap 'Grant Permissions' to access the following screen. This will grant the necessary permissions to access your vehicle data. 

   3. Tap 'Continue' to proceed, allow access to charging data and enable smart charging for your Tesla.

   4. On the subsequent screen, you'll be prompted to enter your Tesla credentials. When prompted to allow access to your Tesla account, select all required permissions listed, as well as any optional permissions you wish to grant us access to and tap 'Allow'. 

This process may take a few minutes as the system updates your permissions. You'll return to the 'Connect your Tesla' screen to complete the authentication process. Read more about the permissions we need here.

Please note: If you did not select all the required permissions you’ll be asked to remove access to your Tesla before repeating this process from step 1 again.

Pairing Your Vehicle

Now that you’ve granted permissions to access your vehicle data you will be asked to pair your vehicle. Please note that unless you’ve granted all required permissions you’ll be unable to complete the following steps.

   1. Tap 'Pair vehicle' to initiate the process. Follow the instructions provided and tap 'Continue'.

   2. You'll then be asked if you wish to authorize third-party access to your vehicle. Tap 'Approve' to proceed. 

   3. You can now continue smart charging this vehicle. If you have been able to successfully pair your vehicle then you will see this success screen. 

You’ll also be able to pair your vehicle(s) anytime by accessing this link. We recommend you do this as soon as possible to avoid losing access to key benefits of Read more on that here: What will happen if I do not reconnect my Tesla account?

Please note: Older Pre 2021 Tesla Model S or X will not need to complete this step as they don't support pairing. They will still be able to smart charge without pairing.

Managing Multiple Accounts and Products

If own multiple Tesla's and wish to pair your other vehicle(s) with open the Tesla app and swipe to the Tesla you want to pair. Then click on the ‘Pair my Tesla(s)’ button below and repeat these steps. For users with multiple Tesla accounts (e.g., for different drivers), the interaction with occurs solely through the Tesla user account used to grant access. If you own multiple Tesla products (such as a Vehicle, Home Battery, or Tesla Solar), it's recommended to grant access via the Tesla user account that has access to all these products. This ensures comprehensive control and visibility across your Tesla ecosystem.

Security Measures

The official Tesla integration is very secure. You need to pair your vehicle with the app to allow us to manage your charging. The process is designed so the app never gains access to your Tesla password, ensuring the security of your account

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