Accelerating vehicle electrification together Group integrates Rolling Energy Resources under its US operations, enhancing EV charging optimization.

A new era for managed EV charging

Uniting for a sustainable future is excited to announce a groundbreaking step forward in our mission to revolutionize electric vehicle (EV) charging. As of February 2024, Rolling Energy Resources (RER) has officially become part of the family under our US operations. 

This strategic integration not only expands our ecosystem of transport and energy partners but also reinforces our commitment to making EV charging more affordable and efficient for drivers everywhere.

The addition of RER to the Group marks a pivotal moment in our journey. Together, we are setting new standards for smart charging solutions, combining’s world-class driver experience with RER’s expertise in customer EV program design and evaluation. Our unified ecosystem now offers unprecedented value to utilities, vehicle and charger manufacturers, and drivers across the globe.

Strengthening synergies

Combining our complementary services makes us even stronger. RER has expertise in EV program design performance monitoring and has a driver-centric approach to product, comms, and innovation. The collaboration underscores a shared mission to revolutionize EV charging to offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for drivers, support grid stability, and deliver a lasting positive impact on the planet.

With a wealth of partnerships including Con Edison, Duke Energy, Eversource, National Grid, and our CCA’s MCE, SVCE, and PCE - the combined entity positions itself as a leading authority in North America and Europe for innovative EV charging solutions.

Committed to collaboration 

Nick Woolley
Founder and CEO,
"We are thrilled to welcome Rolling Energy Resources into the Group. This union enhances our capacity to deliver unparalleled value to the transport and energy sectors, fostering a lasting positive impact on our planet."
Scott Dimetrosky
CEO, Rolling Energy Resources
"Joining forces with enhances our collective ability to optimize the grid through innovative EV charging strategies. Together, we are the go-to organization in North America and Europe for guiding utilities, consumers, and businesses into the future of transportation."

Welcoming our new team members

We’re delighted to bring the Rolling Energy Resources team into
Scott Dimestroksy
Director of Utility Growth
Katie Parkinson
VP Utility Services
Bill LeBlanc
Chief Catalyst
Steven Foreman
VP Technology

Our collective impact

Expanded coverage

A bolstered ecosystem of utilities and OEMs partners, for greater impact and efficiency.

Enhanced savings

Broader access to optimised charging allows cost and carbon savings for even more EV drivers and fleets.

Innovative solutions

Our combined expertise leads the charge in grid optimization and sustainability.

Your questions answered

What is the significance of the merger of Rolling Energy Resources by

The merger of Rolling Energy Resources and represents a strategic move to enhance our capabilities in smart charging solutions for electric vehicles (EVs). By integrating Rolling Energy Resources' expertise and technology, we aim to deliver even greater value to utilities, EV drivers, and businesses worldwide.

How will the merger impact customers of both and Rolling Energy Resources?

Customers of both and Rolling Energy Resources can expect continued excellence in service and innovative solutions. The combined resources and expertise of both companies will enable us to enhance our offerings, providing customers with cutting-edge technology and actionable insights to optimize their EV charging experience.

Will there be any changes to existing products or services as a result of the merger?

At this time, we are focused on delivering planned work and ensuring stability for our customers. Any changes or integrations will be managed over time, and we do not anticipate immediate disruptions to existing products or services.

How will the merger benefit utilities and energy providers?

The merger strengthens our ability to collaborate with utilities and energy providers in optimizing EV charging and grid management. With enhanced data analytics and programmatic performance tools, we can help utilities implement more efficient and sustainable charging programs, benefiting both the grid and EV drivers.

What are the long-term goals of following the merger?

Our long-term goals include accelerating the transition to sustainable transportation, empowering utilities and energy providers with innovative grid optimization solutions, and delivering exceptional value to EV drivers and businesses worldwide. The merger of Rolling Energy Resources aligns with these goals and positions us for continued growth and success in the EV industry.

Will there be any changes to the leadership or organizational structure of or Rolling Energy Resources?

There are no immediate changes planned for the leadership or organizational structure of or Rolling Energy Resources. Both companies will continue to operate autonomously while collaborating on strategic initiatives and integration efforts as needed.

How does the merger align with's mission and values?

The merger of Rolling Energy Resources aligns perfectly with's mission to make EV charging greener, cheaper, and smarter for utilities and their customers. Both companies share a commitment to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction, making this partnership a natural fit.

Will there be any redundancies or layoffs as a result of the merger?

We’re not planning any as a result of the merger. Our focus is on growth and enhancing our product and service offerings to better serve our customers. We are excited about the opportunities this merger brings and the value it will create for all stakeholders involved.

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