5 clean energy and EV trends from Fully Charged Live UK 2022

May 4, 2022
James Pratley

If you attended Fully Charged Live UK this year or joined the online sessions, you may also be feeling the same buzz that we are.

The annual event is a beacon in the calendar for enthusiasts and professionals alike, and the days following give us a great opportunity to reflect on the latest progress in clean energy and transport. This year set a whole new bar in terms of what to expect.

For the ev.energy team, who work remotely, Fully Charged Live also provides a great opportunity to come together and champion the great benefits of smart charging through our driver app and platform – lower energy bills, lower carbon emissions, and rewards for reducing strain on the energy grid.

Here are 5 clean energy and EV trends from Fully Charged Live UK which particularly caught our attention.

Bigger, better, shinier

First on our list, because you really couldn’t miss it. This year’s show was bigger than ever before, with an increase in exhibitors, a dramatic number of product developments and a whole lot more shine and polish too.

This year, we saw exhibitors putting drivers at the forefront of their messaging to make their offerings as accessible as possible to consumers. Including our friends at Rolec, Indra, Easee, Keba and Brixcell.

After years of talking about what’s possible, it’s truly incredible to see brands gearing up and preparing for the mass market, which will bring about the impactful change we need to combat the climate crisis.

ev.energy speaking with drivers at Fully Charged Live UK 2022

Education matters

Hand-in-hand with a bigger, better and shiner event, were the well-informed attendees.

We spoke with drivers and clean energy enthusiasts at different stages of their transition to EVs and smarter energy management and we were impressed with their deep understanding of the space.

It’s a testament to industry media outlets, including Fully Charged themselves, and the brands within the space for getting us to this level.

But there’s more to do in supporting an ever-growing audience, with an increasing variety of needs, to unlock the benefits of greener products and services.

We have no doubt that players across the space will rise to the challenge.

Cool concepts, new realities

While an increasing number of big players continue to turn their efforts toward electric vehicles and clean energy, it was great to see so many powerful new products and services too.

Such as CoCharger, a community charging app which enables EV drivers to share their home chargers with those in their local area who don’t have one themselves. This could be particularly powerful in towns and cities where there is an increased urgency in the transition to clean energy, but fewer driveways and garages as required to install a charger.

As ever, we’ll be monitoring developments closely and, knowing how quickly the industry moves, we wouldn’t be surprised to see some of these more recent entrants taking an even bigger slice of the action at next year’s show.

Welcome to our Electric Vision ev.energy at Fully Charged Live UK 2022

Installers, the unsung heroes

At the forefront of change are installers, who often don’t get the credit to match their impact.

Installers are quite literally installing connected hardware that will enable smart energy management in homes and businesses, local communities and at a national level which will unlock cheaper, simpler and greener energy for all.

Furthermore, installers play a huge role in educating people on how to get the most out of the products and services they’re investing in.

Inside the industry, we all have a vision of what’s possible, but we must always ensure that we bring everyone with us on the journey, and installers are moving mountains to make this happen.

Connection is key

This industry is moving away from siloed developments and harnessing the power of connection. That couldn’t be more clear from the conversations which took place, or the cross-reference of brands and products across exhibitor stalls and flyers.

Working together unlocks new opportunities and creates a far more seamless experience for drivers, which ultimately accelerates growth and turns the vision into reality.

We spoke with hundreds of EV drivers over the weekend, many of which expressed a keenness for better integrations between their favourite products and services.

To succeed, organisations of all sizes will need to work collaboratively in the interest of drivers and the planet.

At ev.energy, we’re connecting the industry to create a cleaner, greener and smarter way to manage electric vehicle charging, putting drivers at the wheel of the electric revolution with a smart charging app and changing the game for businesses around the world with our powerful platform.

Ready to power change together? Get in touch.

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