Why Join an EV Association

October 26, 2021
Harry King

EV ownership is made even better by connecting with its amazing community of like-minded individuals. We hear from the Tesla Owners Club and Electric Auto Association on why joining a club is a great way to meet new people and share a love and passion for EV’s.

What is an EV Owners Club / Association?

TESLA: A Tesla owners club is an official partner of a worldwide program, all aligned with the same mission of Tesla, to help accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Each club is unique in its own way, but many share similar components such as community/networking, education, community service, events, and promotion of legislation that is aligned with the mission.

EVA: Just about wherever you live in the world, an EV association or club is likely not far away. The Electric Vehicle Association’s purpose is to educate and advocate for the rapid adoption of EVs. Our members love talking peer to peer about why EVs are the vehicle of choice, now and in the future. We do this at events, meetings, car meetups and online.

Why are they a great thing to join?

Learning about EVs or sharing ideas with other owners and enthusiasts is a great reason to join. Electric Vehicle Association’s chapters have meetings with speakers on all aspects of driving electric, online education, networking and road rallies. We share things like which model will work best for you, road trips versus city driving, camping with an EV – how nice that you can leave the heat or air on all night inside your vehicle, towing with an EV, and the joys of never, ever having to stop at a gas station or take your car in for an oil change. And there is strength in numbers, so it’s imperative to have a growing EV Association!

What are the other owners like?

TESLA: Quite different from what many Tesla owners are like on social media. They are: down to earth, welcoming, supportive of the mission for all companies, engaging… overall really good people to be around. Given that they are a Tesla owner, many are also well-educated, hardworking, and fascinating people to learn about.

EVA: Most EV owners LOVE their cars and LOVE to share the joys of amazing performance, low maintenance and freedom from fossil fuels. But everyone who has an EV comes to it for a variety of reasons and all reasons aren’t shared across owners. Some buy an EV in support of a better environmental solution to travel. Some want simpler, lower maintenance. Some want quiet, some want fast, quick, fun that the instant torque of an EV gives you. And some, we’re told, enjoy status.

Is joining a club or association expensive?

TESLA: Most clubs are free, but offer paid levels with perks. Some clubs are only free, some clubs are only paid, it all depends.

EVA: Not at all expensive. Membership in the Electric Vehicle Association is just $35/year (£30) , $15 (£12) for young adults and free for students 18 and under.

How do I find my local club?

TESLA: There are a few ways, but one is through a site Tesla is currently developing called “Engage.” It should be noted that a good amount of clubs have their own website, and Engage is used by them to drive traffic to their actual site. Some other clubs are only on Facebook, some only have their own site and not on Engage yet.

EVA: Like everything these days, the internet is your friend. Here’s hoping there’s a club or association near you, and welcome! Check out the Electric Vehicle Association – if we don’t have a chapter in your area, we’ll help you start one.

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