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April 15, 2020
Sandy Neill

We’ve asked some of our users to tell us a little about their home charging setups and their experience using the app.

Next up is Eugene Lambert. Below he explains his current setup and how he gets the most out of the app to save money and carbon when he smart-charges his EVs at home.

My Setup

  • Tesla Model S (P85)
  • Tesla Model 3 (LR AWD)
  • Tesla Powerwall
  • Rolec Wallpod Homesmart charger
  • Octopus Go tariff

We have both a Tesla Model S and a Tesla Powerwall 2 grid-tied battery, and get our power from Octopus Energy on their GO tariff which lets us charge both the car and battery overnight at a low price per kWh, with the Powerwall then running the house for the rest of the day. This offers us considerable savings on our electricity bill, as well as the satisfaction of minimising our carbon footprint using low-carbon power from the grid overnight.

The icing on the cake is the free app, which automatically makes sure I charge with the cheapest, greenest power possible. If the car (it’s a P85, so an 85 kWh battery) was almost empty, it overnight charging would often over-run into the standard tariff and drive up our energy bills – not a nice surprise at the end of the month.

But now, the app ensures I charge only during off-peak hours, which works for us 99% of the time. If we ever need the car more fully charged, we can simply hit ‘Boost’ in the app and the car will start charging immediately. It’s a cracking little app and, unlike some other companies, we’ve also found their customer success team a pleasure to deal with when we’ve called up with the occasional question.

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