Charge History: Understand your electric vehicle charging in detail

July 20, 2022
James Pratley
  • It’s now easier to see how much energy you’ve used, and where
  • Get a clear breakdown of charging sessions by type, including Standard, Smart, Boost and Away from Home
  • Filter your charging history by session type
  • View charging sessions as kWh used or battery % added

Being able to conveniently charge at home with lower energy costs is one of the many benefits of driving an electric vehicle, but it can be a challenge to keep track of your different charging sessions and how much they cost.

While charging at a public charger may feel familiar to a petrol pump, with a total cost clearly provided at the time and shown on your bank statement, you won’t get a price for EV charging at home without an app like

Thankfully, with our latest update, we’re making it simpler than ever before to understand your charging sessions.

Introducing Charge History

We’ve updated the timeline on the app dashboard so that now you can see charging sessions in a beautiful new design which makes it easier to see key information at a glance, including charge cost where we have this information available.

Just scroll down on the dashboard to view your three most recent charging sessions and tap “View all” to get to the Charge History screen, where you can view every change you’ve made since you began using the app.

New icons, filters, and viewing options

Our new icons will make it easier to identify whether sessions are Standard, Smart, Boost, or Away from Home, and you can even filter by these types.

We’ve also added the ability to toggle views by either kilowatt hours or battery percentage added, depending on your preference (or curiosity).

To get even more details about a particular charge, just tap it to bring up the Session Summary to see the location, carbon intensity, rewards points, plug-in times, and more.

What are session types? app EV charging session types

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Session types provide a breakdown of your vehicle charging so you can make conscious decisions about energy usage. We’ve made this clearer than ever with our new icons. Here’s what they all mean.


Smart Charging is the best way to charge your electric vehicle. Our app will automatically optimize your charging for the cheapest and greenest times available. Plus, if you’re using Solar Charging, the app will optimize for your solar generation too.


If you don’t have Smart Charging switched on, your charge will begin immediately when you plug in your vehicle and will not be optimized for affordability or lower emissions. We call this Standard charging.


This is shown in circumstances where you’ve used the Boost Charging feature to override Smart Charging and begin charging at full speed.

Away from Home

When you’ve charged at a public charger, we’ll show it as Away from Home.

If the information is available, the app will also display the brand of the public charger, such as Tesla Supercharger.

Note, if you haven’t connected your vehicle with, you won’t be able to see away from home charging.

To connect your vehicle, first view the full list of vehicles and home chargers to check that your EV can be added. Next, follow our guide to get started with the app.

Stay up to date

That’s not all. We’ll soon be releasing an updated version of Session Summary, allowing you to view your charging sessions and savings with Smart Charging in much further detail. Stay tuned for more updates shortly.

For now, make sure you’re getting the best of by downloading the latest version of our app today.

Become a Driver of Change. Download the app today on the App Store or Google Play.

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