A look back at 2019

January 10, 2020
Chris Darby

2019 was an amazing year for ev.energy, the team has worked incredibly hard to drive what has been a very busy, rewarding and successful year!

In just one year at ev.energy the number of staff has grown from 2 to 14,  we’ve managed to grow a user base of engaged customers who share our vision of the zero carbon future.

We’ve won numerous awards and accolades, formed wonderful working partnerships and we continue to move into new territories across the globe!

In 2019 our customers helped ev.energy to:

  • Deliver 1,338,020 kWh of energy - That’s enough to drive a Tesla around the circumference of the earth 161 times!
  • Save 24.5 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide - That’s the same as the weight of four African Elephants.
  • Save £26,000 through Smart Charging - That’s the total combined savings our users have made this year through charging during off-peak hours.

This was just the beginning. With many exciting things on the horizon our aspirations are bigger than ever, as we strive to deliver greener, cheaper and simpler charging!

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