Co Charger: Unlocking the power of community EV charging

August 9, 2022
James Pratley

If you already own an electric vehicle, you’ll be well aware of the many benefits that come with that. Such as the vastly lower cost of electricity – a key benefit that EV drivers can feel particularly smug about when passing their local petrol station.

Home charging brings a whole new range of benefits, with even lower electricity costs and increased convenience. EV drivers around the world are taking it a step further by unlocking even cheaper, greener home charging with the app.

But what about the 15 million UK residents without the driveway or garage space to install an EV charger at home? The statistics show that those people aren’t switching to EVs – even when they want to.

As the transition to cleaner transport and energy accelerates, it’s critical to ensure that everyone is brought along for the journey. That means all drivers will need a dependable, convenient, and affordable charging option, regardless of where they live.

Thankfully, our friends at Co Charger have a solution to deliver just that.

Enter Co Charger

Like us, Co Charger are all about enabling people with home chargers to be in control, make cost-effective decisions and protect the environment. Our kind of people!

Through their simple app, Co Charger enables charger owners to make money while helping their neighbours to switch to EVs.

First, the charger owner creates a free “Host” account and sets their pricing while neighbours without the ability to charge at home create a free “Chargee” account. Then, the app will match them up.

Chargees can request one-off or recurring charging sessions, giving them peace of mind that their EV is charging safely and freeing them to go home until the charge is complete.

The app handles the whole process, including communication and payments, making for a truly hassle-free experience that enables every driver to enjoy the simplicity, convenience, and lower cost of home charging.

Meanwhile, the Host is able to see a return on investment in their home charger and help neighbours ditch the diesel for good by removing the biggest barrier to electric vehicle adoption. Best of all, a single Host can help several neighbours to make the switch to electric.

Learn more about how it works in this short video.

Community is key

The power of community charging is an exciting prospect, but it’s meaningless without the volume and coverage required to meet demand.

Fortunately, the Co Charger platform, which is available for iPhone and Android devices, is already the third biggest and fastest-growing charging network in the UK, meaning more and more people are within easy walking distance of a Co Charger Host.

Co Charger is making it easier than ever for every driver to access the benefits of home EV charging, increasing the adoption of electric vehicles and pushing forward the journey to net-zero.

Looking to help your neighbours go electric and earn money by renting out your charger? Learn more about the Co Charger app on their website.

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