Easily track your EV charging expenses with ev.energy

August 22, 2021
Harry King

Track and download your EV charging data with ease

ev.energy is already the best app to track all your electric vehicle charging, at home and away. Now ev.energy has just made it easier to track all your EV charging expenses.

A new app feature allows you to download all your charging session data into one spreadsheet. This includes the amount of energy delivered as well as the total cost of each charging session. You can select three time periods: this month, last month, or all time.

Tracking your electric vehicle charging expenses is now a breeze!

One file, directly in your inbox

You can select three time windows: this month, last month, or all time (i.e. since you joined ev.energy). We will send a CSV spreadsheet file directly to your inbox.

The spreadsheet file is ready to forward to your accountant or to attach to an expense report.

You can also easily edit the file in case you only want to expense some of the charging sessions or add information.

Easily track all your electric vehicle charges

Do you use your EV for work purposes?

You can now use the file to send to your employer and easily claim expenses.

Do you allow others to use your charger?

It’s now easy to separate charging expenses. Whether you own a B&B or share a charger with your neighbours, you can now track how much each session has cost. Simply look at the date and time of each session within the app. No maths required.

Been on a work trip with your electric car?

Use the file to make sure you don’t forget about any of the public charging you did during your trip. Although we are currently unable to find out the cost of every roaming session if you charge away from home, as we don’t know the price of energy everywhere you charge, you can still cross-reference your receipts and make sure you don’t forget any of your charging sessions. Just edit the CSV file with the cost of each roaming session.


How do I download my charging data?

Go to the Stats screen and click the Download icon in the top right. It looks like a downward pointing arrow.

How is the average cost per kWh calculated?

If your charge was partially on-peak and partially off-peak, the average cost is a weighted average of these two prices. We consider solar energy as free, so if you used solar energy, this also lowers your average cost.

Why is the cost of the session not what I expected?

If you are on a flat rate, please note we base the cost per app. Please check that this reflects the current tariff or rate you are on. Go to Account > Energy Supply to update the tariff.

If the cost of your home charging session is 0, it could mean you have not told us what tariff or rate you’re on. Go to Account > Energy Supply to fill in this information.

Why does my roaming charging session have no cost?

When you charge away from home, whether it is at a public charger or at a friend’s house, we often have no information about how much the session cost. In this case, we leave the cost of the session blank.

You can always edit the CSV with the actual cost information (for example, from a payment receipt).

Have more questions?

Read our FAQ or contact us at support@ev.energy – we’d love to help!

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