Bringing the Smart Charging revolution to California

March 30, 2022
Joseph Vellone

California, home to many of the world’s largest technology companies, is no stranger to the electric revolution taking place on roads, driveways and parking lots around the world. But there’s a subsequent revolution taking place, and it’s about to improve the lives of millions of EV-driving residents across the Golden State.

Smart charging, which allows EV drivers to automatically charge their vehicles with the cheapest, greenest energy, is taking California by storm – and is excited to be at the forefront of this.

Over the weekend of March 26th, we met hundreds of Tesla drivers who share our vision for a sustainable, electric future at the Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley club’s “Tesla Smart Charging” event.

The event, which took place in San Bruno at The Shops at Tranforan’s brand new Tesla Supercharger station, had over 800 signups and allowed a community of EV enthusiasts to come together and find out more about the latest Tesla charging technology.

The reaction to this event was just incredible. In fact, the attendee list grew so much in scale that even Rico E. Medina, the Mayor of San Bruno, as well as Wall Street Journal and local media from Star 103.3 Radio and NBC Bay Area, came to join the action.

The electric revolution is very much alive in California and it’s only getting stronger, even in spite of the rising gas prices.

Check out the event highlights in this video!

Tesla owners are driving change

California already has an amazing network of Tesla Supercharger stations and other EV charging infrastructure, which means many Californians are opting to charge their EV on the go.

It’s a logical next step for those used to filling up at a gas pump, but what about the awesome benefits of charging at home?

Besides modified Teslas which picked up a lot of attention, attendees were extremely keen to learn how they can charge a Tesla at the lowest price possible on their utility rate plan – which gave us a fantastic opportunity to put the power in people’s pockets with the app.

By downloading the app, residents across the US can benefit from the cheapest and cleanest energy when charging their Tesla at home, while also helping to balance the demand for energy across our power grids, which helps to prevent blackouts, wildfires and other issues which are common in California.

Currently, all California residents are being moved on to time-of-use rates which encourage using energy during “off-peak” hours when there’s less demand for energy on the grid.

With the app, EV drivers can start benefiting from cheaper off-peak rates right now. Better still, with an SOLAR subscription, drivers can also use their rooftop solar panels to power up their vehicles with Californian sunshine – cutting costs and carbon emissions down even further, without the need for a special inverter.

Kelvin Gee, Vice President of the Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley, said, “I just set up smart charging and connected my solar and the app takes care of the rest”, and we heard similar comments from Tesla drivers throughout the day.

Our partners at Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE), a Community Choice Aggregator (CCA) providing clean energy for 270,000 residential and business customers in Santa Clara County, were also able to attend the event and share great incentives for those living in their service territory through their Gridshift program.

Feeling energized?

We’re extremely excited about helping Californians adopt the benefits of Smart Charging and Solar Charging at home and delighted to be partnered with the Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley.

John and Kelvin, President and Vice President of the club, have done a fantastic job of growing a wonderful community in the area which welcomes new members every single day.

They’ve also been fantastic in helping us share our app in California particularly – which all started when they downloaded our app themselves (and loved it).

We’re looking forward to joining Tesla owners from across the whole state on August 6th at the Tesla Owners California Takeover. If you’re based in the area, make sure you book tickets soon.

Become a driver of change. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play today.

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