Tesla API leads the way in enabling vehicle-grid integration

November 1, 2023
Ashley Grealish

ev.energy is now an approved third-party app to manage Tesla charging and we’ll shortly be rolling this out to all customers. In this article, our VP of Engineering, Ashley Grealish, shares what this means for ev.energy and the wider energy industry. 

Electric vehicles are bringing positive change to the energy system. Fact.

The flexibility in when they are charged can be utilised to soak up more renewable electricity. When the sun is shining, and the wind is blowing, we can instruct EVs to charge. And when they are not, we can delay charging or even allow EVs to feed electricity from their batteries to the grid.

We believe that all EV drivers should be able to participate in this clean energy future and, crucially, that they should be rewarded for the value that their vehicles provide.

The challenge lies in effectively integrating the complex world of EVs and charging equipment with the energy market. Each EV driver is unique, they have different vehicles, chargers, behaviours and requirements.

Empowering drivers with a smarter choice

ev.energy exists to simplify this complexity. The drivers on our platform simply tell us about their vehicles and how they charge, and we do the rest. ev.energy can combine data from the EV, or a smart charger, and use AMI (Smart Meter) data to capture an accurate picture of their charging. 

Then, we actively manage their charging via the vehicle or home charger to make use of the cheapest and greenest energy periods. The driver can rest easy knowing we’ll handle the finer details on their behalf and provide a secure, accurate and reliable integration with the energy market to meet their needs.

Tesla’s Fleet API: A new era for vehicle-grid integration

Tesla shares our vision for a clean energy future supported by electric vehicles. With their new Fleet API, the automaker is making it much easier for their drivers to connect to platforms like ev.energy with a secure and reliable connection.

Despite its name, the Fleet API can be used by one or many vehicles and allows owners to fine-tune what data they share with third-party apps and services.

The process is seamless too. Owners simply connect with Telsa within the third-party app of their choice, similar to how “Login with Google” works. This creates a secure connection which puts the user in control.

Now, Tesla customers can use their vehicles to unlock the financial and environmental benefits of deeper integration with the energy grid, while also supporting the grid's transition towards clean energy.

Tesla Fleet Telemetry: A major leap towards reliable data sharing

Alongside the Fleet API, Tesla also launched their Fleet Telemetry service. This is a huge technical jump forward, as it allows the vehicles to stream data to third-party systems of the owner's choosing.

To date, requesting data at regular intervals has been needed to increase accuracy, but excessive polling had to be avoided to prevent rapidly draining the battery and wasting energy. Often, this pull model would blindly make a request even when the underlying data had not changed.

Tesla vehicle polling vs Tesla API push

With the new service, Tesla vehicles can push accurate data directly to external services, removing the need to request new data at regular intervals and doing away with inaccuracies. 

This allows third-party apps to increase the quality of their products, reduce the server load on Tesla’s side, and minimize the impact on vehicle batteries. A truly win-win-win solution!

Vehicle Telemetry: What next for the auto industry?

Tesla is leading the way by giving owners simple, reliable tools to engage with this new energy market, but other automakers are pushing forward in this direction too.

We see semi-open telematics from OEMs such as Ford, Volvo, and others, and we look forward to working with more OEMs to develop these platforms further.

We respect Tesla’s leadership here. These innovations are transforming what it means to own an electric vehicle and giving drivers the power to reap the benefits, on their own terms.

Wondering how ev.energy could help your business? Get in touch to learn more!

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