Update EV charger firmware remotely

April 3, 2023
Lukas Lukoschek

Update the firmware for your EV chargers remotely with the latest version of Pando.

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Firmware updates are essential for keeping your customers safe, but that doesn’t mean you should have to spend hours every day chasing around to upgrade chargers.

Now, you can monitor for firmware updates on your EV chargers and perform them remotely, directly within Pando

This means there’s no need to visit the premises, so you can save time, money and disruption to your customers while keeping every charger up-to-date.

This feature is now available to every Pando user, for all ev.energy-supported chargers, including those in Shared Charging sites.

Why are firmware updates important?

In the rapidly evolving world of EV charging, installing the latest firmware will:

  • protect chargers from risks (e.g. hacking, malfunctioning)
  • maintain charger performance and future-proof your installations
  • improve functionality with new features and enhancements
  • keep chargers in line with the latest EV charging regulations

Performing a firmware update

To give you an idea of what this feature looks like in action, we've included a video below.

Get started

Follow these steps to access the new feature.

  • Log in to Pando
  • Go to your list of chargers
  • Select a charger
  • Go to the 'Firmware' tab
  • Press 'Update Charger'

FYI: Chargers must be online and not in use to perform an update.

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As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team.

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