6 tools to grow your EV installer business

May 10, 2023
James Pratley

We explore the latest ev.energy tools to help your EV business thrive.

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  • Speedy pre-commissioning
  • Easy online management
  • Remote firmware updates
  • Shared Charging
  • Fleets
  • Premium add-ons

If you’re looking to supercharge your EV business, these new features from ev.energy's recently-launched Pando charger management tool can help you save time, reduce costs and unlock growth opportunities.

With an increasing number of integrations for chargers and vehicles - you’ll be able to manage everything all in one place.

This allows you to spend more time installing chargers and growing your business - and less on admin.

Save time on site with charger pre-site commissioning

We get it. UK Smart Charging Regulations may seem like an unwanted burden, but that needn’t be the case. 

With Pando, you’re able to commission chargers and test connections remotely before you arrive on-site from the dryness and warmth of your office or van.

Alternatively, our new integration with Jumptech will enable you to auto-commission chargers before arrival. Stay tuned!

This gives you the power to speed through your job list and install more chargers every day.

Remove the aftercare burden with online management

You’ve got a long list of clients, eagerly waiting for you to install their new chargers for them. 

The last thing you want is to go out of your way to visit a charger you’ve already installed.

The ev.energy app and Customer Success team take a lot of that hassle away by supporting users to fix issues themselves.

Where that’s not possible, remote charger management through Pando can help resolve common issues quickly and get your clients charging again.

From there, you’ll be able to see the charger settings, sessions, error messages and OCPP logs, and then reconfigure them as needed.

Keep chargers secure with Remote Firmware Updates

As you install more chargers and your client list grows, you may find a significant amount of time and resources being spent on maintenance. 

Remote Firmware Updates saves you time and fuss by allowing you to monitor for and trigger updates remotely.

This keeps your clients safe and future-proofs your work so that you can get on to the next job.

Grow your business with Shared Charging

Whether it’s a residential building, workplace or even a fleet depot - there’s now a fast, hassle-free way to power every type of community. 

Built directly into Pando, Shared Charging makes EV charging easier for everyone with automated payments, authorisation, load management, Smart Charging, and fleet management features.

Access can also be given to specific drivers, with RFID card or in-app authorisation, or opened up for public access for monetisation opportunities.

Thanks to our hardware-agnostic software, you can use chargers from multiple brands and manage them all together, from anywhere, through ev.energy Pando.

Take on EV fleet clients

From delivery companies to trades businesses and taxi fleets - Pando gives you the power to manage electric fleets of any size with ease.

In addition to the Shared Charging features mentioned above, fleet operators can easily track the location, energy consumption, costs, smart savings and carbon emissions of their vehicles.

Through Pando, fleet operators can also reimburse any home charging costs - reducing logistical challenges while keeping things fair for employees and contractors.

Boost revenue with solar charging add-ons

Later this year, you’ll be able to upgrade your customers to new premium products, such as Solar Charging, directly from Pando. 

This allows you to boost revenues without the extra cost of visiting the site.

Looking to provide your customers with Solar Charging from the get-go? Get in touch.

Get started in minutes

Installers are leading the way to an all-electric future.

With Pando, we’re on a mission to make your job quicker and simpler, so that you can grow your business and help more drivers ditch the diesel.

Head to the Pando login page and click ‘Sign up now’ to start today.

Alternatively, get in touch to speak with one of our experts about how Pando can help your business or arrange a product demonstration.

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