Gifts for EV Owners

November 30, 2021
Harry King

Gifts for EV Owners This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again. You’ve got to start thinking about gift ideas and each year there’s a pressure to be more creative. If there’s an EV owner and enthusiast on your list to buy for and you’re struggling for inspiration, we’ve created a gift list packed full of ideas suitable for your sustainable friends and family.

A Home EV Charger

Home charging has revolutionised electric vehicles so if you know an EV owner that doesn’t have the home set up yet, why not gift them the luxury this holiday season? Installing an electric car charge point is relatively easy and makes for the perfect unique gift. With an array of home chargers to choose from, you’re not short for options but we recommend the ones compatible with the app: Keba, P30 Fast Smart, Rolec and Indra Smart Pioneer. This way you’re guaranteed to be giving the greenest gift on the market. Just make sure they turn on Smart Charging in the app so they can optimise their energy and save money! A cost-effective and planet-protecting present – what’s not to love?

Stocking Fillers

Unless you’re chipping in as a group for a special someone, gifting an EV charger might not be an option for everyone. If you’re thinking of something small, why not check out Etsy for a few stocking fillers. You can’t beat a novelty gift and with a range of socks, mugs, keychains and more and all made with electric car owners in mind, there’s something for everyone. In fact, this kind of gift shouldn’t be downplayed. Receiving a fun and playful pair of socks with a nod to your sustainable self is a great gift. Besides, you can never have too many socks.

The EV Etiquette Kit

With new technology comes the development of proper etiquette and this can take some time before it’s universally respected. The EV etiquette kit can be gifted to the EV owners in your life to help them at crowded charging stations. Perfect for when you need to charge your vehicle at any EV charging point, the etiquette kits let people know when it’s okay to unplug your car. Etsy have a range of kits so you can pick which slips you prefer. It’s a great way to communicate with other electric car owners, promote respectful dialogue and probably a gift an EV owner wouldn’t think to buy themselves.

A day out at Formula E

Formula E is a fantastic day out and a perfect gift for an electric vehicle lover. The EV version of Formula 1 showcases 24 all-electric sports cars going head-to-head in the most intense racing series on the planet. Tickets to any event are always a special present to receive because it shows you’ve put real thought into the gift, and it’s set to be a memorable experience. So, if you’re unsure of a gift, tickets to the Formula E Championship are a great option.

An Electric Scooter

Remember, gifts for EV owners don’t have to be related to their vehicle. They’ve already made a positive change to help protect the planet by switching to an electric vehicle so it’s likely they’ll want to continue getting around using sustainable means of transport. Why not surprise them with an electric scooter this year? It’s a fun alternative and a great gift if they like to mix things up. Not to mention they’re incredibly efficient and eco-friendly!

The App

As an extra gift this holiday season, why not let the EV owners in your life discover smart charging? If they don’t already know about the app, they can download it for free and start using the brilliant features over the festive period. A freebie that allows you to get more from your electric vehicle whilst optimising your energy usage, saving you money, and protecting the planet. A great addition to any of the gifts listed in our guide above and something every EV owner needs to know about.

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