Reflections from Fully Charged Live 2019

June 10, 2019
Joseph Vellone

The team were thrilled to be present at Fully Charged Live in Silverstone, where we co-exhibited with Rolec EV to unveil the new Rolec WallPod:EV HomeSmart to over 10,000 visitors across the 3-day event. The HomeSmart chargers are powered by, and use GPRS to communicate with’s platform, which delivers users the cheapest, greenest possible charging session. To program the chargers, users download the app which can be used to set the desired battery level and ready-by time, over-ride smart charging to deliver an instant ‘boost’, and track the cost of their charging sessions.

It was great to meet hundreds of users and learn about how they use the platform to suit their lifestyles. One user we met had integrated his HomeSmart with a Tesla Powerwall battery, and used the app to ensure his Tesla only charged with solar power he had generated from his rooftop panels… meaning his home charging costs were zero! Another user we met was an Igloo Energy customer who used the app to get free miles for her Nissan Leaf; since she used her Leaf mainly to commute to and from work, the free miles reduced her home charging costs by over 50%.

We also met dozens of people who were considering purchasing their first EV, but were mystified by the charging process and what it would mean for them. We find this happens a lot, as owning an EV is still fairly complicated and there are dozens of factors to consider, including the driving range you’ll need, how to charge at home, how much money you’ll actually save on petrol, and what to do if your battery is running low while you’re en route to a destination. We were pleased to many of these prospective EV owners signed up to, which takes care of all of the complexity around EV charging and makes sure they will automatically be charging their EVs with the cheapest, greenest power available!

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