Improved charge summaries: More insight into every charge

September 16, 2022
Zara Harper

What’s new?

  • Get more insight into every charge
  • See exactly how much you’ve saved
  • Find ways to save more on future charges
  • Clearly understand your carbon impact

A key reason many people choose to drive an EV over a petrol or diesel vehicle is the added control you have over the cost and environmental impact of your energy consumption, something which is particularly important at the moment given the rising cost of electricity.  

Unlike the petrol station where prices are pre-determined with little change pump-to-pump, EV drivers can tap into the fluctuating electricity prices throughout the day and choose from greener tariff choices. Plus, those with solar PV panels can enjoy free charging that is 100% renewable.

But knowing exactly where your energy has come from and understanding your cost and carbon savings can be difficult without deep insights into your charging history.

The latest app release tackles both of these elements and puts you in full control when it comes to understanding your charging costs and carbon emissions, empowering you to make informed charging decisions.

Say hello to more detailed charge summaries

We’ve added even more information to every charge you make. On top of seeing the usual energy and carbon savings, you can now see exactly where we have taken your energy from, how long your vehicle has been charging for between plug-in and unplug times, and a simplified carbon impact report.

Head to the ‘Dashboard’ tab, scroll down to your Charge History, and click on any previous charging session to check it out.

Insights to help you get the best charge every time  

We’ve increased the data shown for each type of charge you complete, so now you can make even more informed decisions around your charging.

Note: You will only be able to see cost savings if you add a Time of Use, dynamic or EV-specific tariff. Learn more about Smart Charge savings on our blog.  

Smart Charging savings

Smart Charging savings in the app

Smart Charging automatically optimizes your charging for the cheapest and greenest times available according to your tariff. With this update we’ve made it clearer to see how much money you’ve saved with Smart Charging versus a standard charge.

Energy input breakdown

Energy input breakdown and solar charging savings in the app

If you’re using Solar Charging, you can now see a breakdown of how much electricity your charge used from the grid and how much was from self-generated solar energy.

Solar Charging savings

Additionally, you can also see the savings you’ve made with Solar Charging, just like you can with Smart Charging.

If you ever wondered about the return-on-investment for the purchase of your solar panels, this feature helps you to assess their true impact on day-to-day energy consumption.

Not powering your vehicle with sunshine yet? Get started with Solar Charging today.

Reward point insights

Reward point insights in the app

Every time you Smart Charge with, you can earn points and cash these in for retail vouchers and carbon offsetting credits. This update makes it even clearer to see how many points you’ve earned.

Choosing to standard or Boost charge means you could be missing out on cheaper and less carbon intensive charging at off-peak times. Now you can also see the reward points that you could have earned if you chose to Smart Charge.

Easy-to-understand carbon impact

Carbon impact report in the app

We’ve re-worked how we present the environmental impact of your charges. In addition to the total emissions (kg CO2) and intensity (g/kWh), you will now see any carbon savings you’ve made, and a rating of either Poor, Fair, and Good.  

Charging duration

Charging duration in the app

Now you can see the length of time your car was actually charging for, in addition to plug-in and unplug times. You might be surprised just how little of your plug-in time is needed to charge your vehicle.

Stay up to date

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more updates shortly.

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