Guide to Hotels with EV Charging in the US

September 15, 2021
Harry King

As restrictions loosen and the country begins to open up for travel, you may well be busy making plans: to get away with the family, meet up with co-workers at convention centers, find some peace and quiet to work on a project or simply visit somewhere new. Whatever’s starting to fill up your diary, our guide to hotels with EV charging US is here to help you stay sustainable as you head further afield.

Electric vehicle getaways: what are your options?

If you’re looking forward to a well-earned break away from home but aren’t sure of your options in terms of EV chargers at hotels, you’ll be reassured to learn that of the 42,000 public charging points across the US, over 6,000 of these charging stations are at hotels. That makes up 14% of all EV charging points in the US. This opens up all sorts of possibilities for exploring the country by road and keeping your carbon footprint in check.

While our app is designed to simplify charging your electric car across a range of brands, a key consideration for plenty of EV drivers is making sure their electric vehicle can be easily charged wherever they’re staying. Public charging stations are becoming increasingly common, and hotels are catching up with increased demand. Luckily, every electric vehicle on the road today is compatible with the U.S. standard Level 2 chargers, known in the industry as SAE J1772. That includes Tesla vehicles, whose drivers will simply need to use an adaptor to fit their Supercharger connector to any charge point.

Also, worth considering before booking your next road trip is the area of the country you decide to visit. Unsurprisingly, California is currently home to the greatest number of EV charging stations, while these facilities are harder to come by in Maryland, Colorado and Alabama. If you’re planning on traveling interstate, check out the facilities along the way to avoid being caught short.

Searching for EV-friendly hotels

If you’re on the lookout for places to stay that share your sustainability values, there are lots of exciting EV-friendly options to choose from. Along with fitness centers and golf clubs, EV charging stations are fast becoming a must-have for world class hotels. Sites like Expedia have information on EV charging stations as part of the parking options section on their listings.

Making it even easier to plan your EV getaway are apps, like Plugshare, that allow you to filter their charging point maps lodgings. You can also filter by network provider and use the trip planner feature to confirm your stop-off points along the way. Better still, with user-reported updates, you’ll be able to check in real time that the charge points you have planned out are viable.

We were also interested to find the ChargeHotels website, which allows you to choose from almost 6000 listed hotels with EV charging stations. Just make sure you filter by state for the best user experience.

Staying sustainable at work

But what about corporate travel? We’ve taken a look at the chain hotels too — and their charging facilities for electric cars— to see what’s available for larger meetups.

Marriott are leading the way in hotels with EV charging stations. Their clear and practical website displays a list of over 3000 of their hotels that provide Level 2 charging stations for customers.

Other large chains such as Hilton and Best Western are beginning to catch up. We’d recommend using something like the EV Hotels app, which is purpose built to help you plan your routes to lodging facilities with EV charge points. Look past the old school design, and the functionality is pretty nifty. Over 170 international brands have signed up to allow EV Hotels users to increase loyalty points, making it ideal for EV drivers travelling on frequent business trips.

Wherever you’re headed, download the app to make your EV getaway even greener.

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