Empowering the future: The impact of smart EV charging on energy paradigms

November 3, 2023
Jeremy Yapp

Solar & Storage Live 2023 in Birmingham buzzed with enthusiasm, innovation, and collective commitment to transform the future of energy.  As the heart of the UK's solar, storage, and electric vehicle charging industry, the event explored the paths toward sustainable energy solutions. 

Among the myriad discussions and panels, one key theme emerged: the pivotal role of smart EV charging in shaping a resilient, consumer-centric energy landscape – a vision championed by ev.energy.  

Catch the insights from Jeremy Yapp, our Policy and Regulation Director, who contributed to three speaking panels, sharing his key takeaways in this summary. 

Relaxed UK government targets aren’t slowing consumer adoption

The event kicked off with a vibrant panel discussion on "Driving the consumer uptake of EVs." The UK government's decision to extend the deadline for phasing out ICE vehicles is unfortunate, but thanks to interim targets, the industry remains confident that we can put the required 20 million EVs onto UK roads by 2035. The consensus was clear: this will require industry and government to work together to communicate and deliver the benefits of transport electrification. 

Smart charging: where innovation meets responsibility

A deep dive into smart charging shed light on the potential for financial savings and enhanced grid resilience. Insights from Shropshire Council, Gridserve,  Energy Systems Catapult, and other leading voices underscored the transformative power of managing EV charging intelligently. The conversation extended to address challenges, ensuring equitable access to smart charging solutions. The noteworthy message was that smart charging isn't a zero-sum game; its benefits echo across the grid, fostering resilience and reducing costs for all.

Consumers embrace a vital role in shaping a sustainable energy future 

An enthralling discussion took center stage, focusing on empowering consumers as active participants in the energy revolution. Thought-provoking conversations raised the question: do consumers perceive themselves as part of the energy and climate crisis solution? Amid these dialogues, one consensus emerged – the pivotal role of the UK government’s smart metering rollout to help consumers fully participate in domestic flexibility services. Delayed yet essential, its implementation stands as a fundamental pillar, pushing Britain into a digital, smart, and flexible energy era, where consumers play a central role in shaping a sustainable future.

ev.energy: charting the course forward

Reflecting on Solar & Storage Live 2023, it’s clear that this event is more than just a gathering, it’s a powerful testament to the industry’s dedication to forging a sustainable future. At the centre of discussions and debates, a collective vision emerged: one where smart EV charging takes centre stage, supported by collaboration, innovation and consumer empowerment. The event showcased not only advancements in technology but also the shared commitment to environmental stewardship.

As we move forward, our shared commitment paves the way to a cleaner world – one intelligent decision at a time.

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