Here’s what B Corp means to our team

March 25, 2022
James Pratley

Throughout March, we’ve been celebrating B Corp month at In this article, members of our team share why being part of a business community with a commitment to people, society and the planet is important for them.

Rachel Jessup, Grid & Data Services Team

There is expected to be 11 million EVs in the UK alone by 2030 – this poses a huge challenge to power grid stability and a barrier to the decarbonisation of the energy sector. I manage an innovative project looking to tackle these issues so that EVs become part of the solution and not the problem. I can’t wait to make an impact and contribute to a sustainable future by figuring out how we can use software solutions to make lasting changes to our electricity systems.

Working for a company doing social and environmental good is one of the key things I look for when seeking professional opportunities. For me, a company that has B Corp status is the gold standard for an organisation that is trying to make a positive impact. The B Corp status is so rigorous and closely monitored that I know it is a company whose values and mission I can get behind, who will always strive to do better and be accountable to their employees and stakeholders.

Andy Pike, Growth Team

I lead business intelligence, which means I help make better decisions using data. I primarily study how fast we’re growing, where, and why. I’m also focused on implementing product analytics and fostering a data-driven culture.

It’s important for me to work at a mission-driven, B Corp certified company because the status quo clearly isn’t working. Climate change and systemic oppression are very clear symptoms of this. These are ‘wicked problems’ without easy answers, but decarbonizing transport and working with a conscientious team certainly help. It’s motivating to work for a company that prioritizes social impact and employee wellbeing as much as profit and innovation.

Joe Stilin, Commercial Team

I’m Joe, one of the Commercial Projects Manager at My job is to facilitate the delivery of residential EV charging projects and build great relationships with our utility clients and their customers. as a company and B Corp is on a mission to deliver the cleanest and most equitably sourced energy into EV driver’s vehicles. Being the best we can for the environment and our drivers pushes us every day, and we have a super inclusive company culture to back it up.

For me, being a B Corp matters because we’re helping to shape the future of an entirely new industry, which has to be done with the environment, equity, and community in mind from the get-go. We have no other choice!

Sofia Deer, Customer Success Team

My name is Sofia and I’m a Customer Success Advocate at I work primarily with U.S. users in our white-label apps to ensure they have the best experience possible while smart charging.

I actually first found by searching for companies that were in the electric vehicle sector and also had B Corp certification, a seemingly niche and impossible feat in my mind.

B Corp status matters to me because it tangibly demonstrates that cares for its employees, holds itself accountable in terms of environmental impact (I love how we measure the carbon impact of everything we do, for example) and that positively benefits communities we engage with.

Neeraj Bhatia, Grid & Data Services Team

My name is Neeraj Bhatia, Strategic Development Lead at My role is to develop our Data Services offering and provide support to our scaling Grid Services – while helping position as a global leader in the smart EV charging space.

At the height of the pandemic, several things hit me – the immense impact of good governance, transparency and social justice. But the one I walked away with was the impact we had on each other; the fact that society stood up for itself and we were all in it together.

It got me thinking: What impact do I want to leave on others and the wider society?

I wanted to be part of a movement that made a difference, a movement that echoed beyond the boundaries of race, religion and geography, a movement that showed ‘we’ care. Being part of a B Corp not only became a futuristic aim… it was an urgent desire. And as time has made me realise, the same question beckons at a personal level: What impact do I want to leave on others, the wider society and the future generations that are to follow me?

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