How to manage shared EV charging sites with ease

March 27, 2023
Lukas Lukoschek

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Whether it’s a residential building, workplace or even a fleet depot - there’s now a fast, hassle-free way to power every type of community with

Accessed through Pando - our charger management tool for EV businesses - Shared Charging makes EV charging easier for everyone with automated payments, authorisation, load management and fleet operation features.

Thanks to our hardware-agnostic software, you can manage chargers from multiple brands altogether, through your web browser.

Check out our integrations page to see a full list of manufacturers that we work with.

Why does EV charging for apartments and workplaces matter?

As EV adoption continues to expand - and even defy market predictions - in a race to net-zero emissions, EV charging facilities are a growing priority for people choosing a place to live.

This is especially true in towns and cities, where there is typically poorer air quality and a greater urgency to ditch petrol and diesel vehicles.

New regulations, such as the Building Regulations Part S in England, aim to tackle these challenges by requiring new and retrofit properties to include EV charging facilities.

Equally, businesses of all sizes are increasingly turning to electric vehicles and looking for an effortless charging solution.

Unlocking the multi-user EV charging opportunity

With Shared Charging, takes the stress away at every stage so that you can grow your business with ease.

Faster installation

Speed through EV charger installations with Pando.

For installers, pre-site commissioning makes for a fast and painless process that’s fully compliant with the latest Smart Charge Point regulations

Meanwhile, automated load management removes the need for costly, complicated electrical system upgrades. It’s a no-brainer.

All the best parts of Pando, including remote troubleshooting and installer support, will also work for Shared Charging sites and fleets to keep businesses flowing.

Management in-check

Day-to-day processes are made easy for site and fleet operators with a host of helpful features.

As you’d expect, you can see the charging state of each charger or fleet vehicle directly from the dashboard and even start/stop charging remotely.

Access control allows you to limit your chargers to selected drivers or vehicles, or open up chargers to the public to monetise fast.

Payments and authorisation are completely automated. Just set your price and we’ll take care of the rest to keep your business flowing.

With Smart Charging built-in, you can also reduce your electricity costs and cut carbon emissions - which can all be tracked from Pando.

Now, unhappy drivers and costly inefficiencies are firmly in the rearview mirror. 

Simplicity for drivers

Give drivers an app for all their EV charging needs.

Drivers are at the heart of everything we do at - and that’s no different here.

With the 4.5-star app and an optional RFID card, drivers can now authorise and pay for each charging session conveniently in seconds.

All charging sessions can then be tracked right from the app - including energy usage, costs and carbon emissions. 

It’s one app for charging at home, at work and on the go.

Getting started

For site and fleet operators

Looking for a solution to manage your own EV charging site(s) or fleet(s)? 

Our experts are on hand to provide the best guidance for your needs. 

Book a demo of the feature to learn more about how it could help you save time and money while supporting drivers in your community.

For installers and charger manufacturers

Looking to deliver shared charging solutions for your clients? 

We’ll just need a few details about your business to help you get set up correctly.

Head to the Pando login page and click ‘Sign up now’ to get started.

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