Making EV charging smarter for everyone

July 29, 2021
William Goldsmith

Savvy electric vehicle (EV) drivers are switching onto savings and boosting their green credentials thanks to a unique vehicle charging system.

Software specialists have developed an app that opens up the cheapest charging times from the UK Grid to lower the energy bills of EV drivers and reduce strain on the UK’s energy network.

The free cloud-based app automatically taps into the times when energy is at its cheapest while also offering vouchers as part of a suite of rewards for customers.

The UK company has developed sophisticated algorithms that track the price of energy which can fluctuate with demand surges and changing weather conditions.

“When you charge your EV really matters because the price of electricity is affected by weather dynamics such as wind and solar that generate power and can vary considerably,” says William Goldsmith, head of commercial and grid services for “Our app is able to understand this shifting market and make sure your vehicle is being charged during the cheapest periods.

“All you do is tell us the car’s battery size, your energy supplier and the time you need your car charged by and the app takes care of the rest, delivering average annual savings of £200 for each driver as well as reducing their carbon emissions by 15%.

“It also helps regulate demand on the UK Grid which enables the UK to bring more renewable energy on stream.”

You can power the UK’s first virtual EV Power Plant and get paid to do it is enjoying rapid growth with more than 23,000 drivers using the smart platform, including 5% of Tesla owners who downloaded the app following early word-of-mouth recommendation.

The UK is closing in on having one million EVs on the road and they now account for 14.5% of new sales.

However, the buoyant EV sales market means a challenging increase of energy demand on the UK Grid, which could face an additional cost of £2.2 billion for upgrading existing overhead wires and cabling under the streets if smart charging is not adopted. The app helps spread the load and minimise the need for costly infrastructure repairs and upgrades.

“It’s an incredibly positive and exciting time for motorists as our technology is creating value for them and the UK Grid,” adds Goldsmith. “The majority of drivers plug in from 6pm to 8am but only need between one to three hours of charging. The app ensures that charging takes place at the cheapest and greenest off-peak times rather than providing a surge of demand when everyone plugs in at the end of the day.

“We integrate with every utility supplier across the UK so it is easy to switch on the benefits from the app. But the best thing about it is that through our solution, EV charging is greener and cheaper for everyone.”’s team is full of power industry, technology and consulting expertise, leading them to winning the title of World’s Best Energy Start-up 2019. This know-how has enabled them to take a unique view on a digital system that delivers efficiency and ease-of-use savings that is known as ‘smart charging’.

“The app provides clear displays of charging session history to make it easy to track at-home and on-the-go charging in one place,” says Goldsmith. “There are clear financial and CO2 emission benefits from using our smart charging system and it also helps balance the electricity grid.

“This is technology working for the individual who downloads the app, plugs in their EV and lets us do the rest. The app, which can be easily downloaded via the App store or Google play, is compatible with all leading EVs and energy suppliers.

‘It is a simple, efficient way to make greener choices and save money at the same time”.

Download the App for a cheaper, greener, simpler way to charge your car

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