How to change the charge limit on your Tesla?

On your Tesla, you have the option to control the maximum charge limit (amps) on the in-car infotainment display. Do not confuse this with the charge limit on your battery.  This rule is in place so you will always get the same current for an extended period of charging time, without overdrawing or tripping your breaker.  

This feature is also useful for users who are using our solar smart charging feature and may want to limit the charge rate to equal the amount of energy being produced by their solar array.

To manually set you’re your charge limits on your Tesla vehicle follow the below instructions:

1. To adjust your charge limit you can click on the lightning bolt icon under the image of your vehicle on the left side of the screen.

Tesla Tip: You can also access the charging screen by opening the charge port.

2. Click on SET CHARGE LIMIT or SET LIMIT depending on how it displays on your version of the UI.

3. You can see the charge current, scheduled charging and paid supercharging icons on the lower part of your screen. Click the + OR – icons to increase or decrease the charge current amperage.

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