Pairing your Smartenit

What is Pairing?

Pairing is also known as linking or bonding. It establishes communication between devices. In this case the communication between the charger and your WiFi network and the internet.

How do I know my charger is actually available for pairing once I press the 9 taps?

You can find the charger identified in your available WiFi networks on your phone and other devices. The charger appears as another WiFi access point with SSID “Smar tenit IOTEVSE-Z-W  xx :xx” where t he x represents the last 4 digits of the WiFi  MAC shown on your SmartElek.

What do the 9 taps do?

Pressing the SET button 9 times removes the charger from a WiFi network and makes it available to join a different WiFi again.

I heard I need to press 13 times to reset the charger

Do NOT press the SET button 13 times. This will require you to send the device back to the factory so do not try it. It will remove the settings and you will not be participating in their program until the device is reset at the factory. Smartenit will not cover shipping charges if this has been done.

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