How is different from other hardware solar solutions?'s solar features can operate as a software-only solution, so it works with any app-compatible car or charger. That's great, as it means you don't need to pay for specialist hardware to make it work. It also means you can get going straight away.

We do recognize however that solar chargers are becoming increasingly popular. A solar smart charger further refines your charging schedule, ensuring your charger ramps up and down if clouds cause a temporary fall in output from your array. That's why we are in the process of integrating a range of smart chargers into the platform.

Using with a compatible smart charger will give you the best solar smart charging solution on the market:'s algorithm forecasts your solar output, integrates dynamic tariffs, and enables you to earn rewards for charging from the grid at the best times. We can even take advantage of advanced charger hardware features such as CT clamps to match the rate of your charger with the amount of energy you’re actually exporting to the grid.

Even without a smart charger, the savings are significant. Our beta testing has proven that we can save our customer money by making better use of zero-carbon home-generated energy, without the need for specialist hardware.

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