General troubleshooting

Pairing issues

I can't pair my vehicle / nothing happens in the Tesla app

When you click the pairing button in the app, it's supposed to redirect you to the Tesla app and prompt you to allow third-party access, as shown on the Pairing my vehicle instructions on the Step-by-Step guide to connect your Tesla. If this process isn't working, try the following:

- Make sure you have the latest version of the Tesla app installed on your phone (4.25.5 or above)

- Open the Tesla app and ensure the vehicle you want to pair is shown (if you have more than one vehicle swipe left or right until the vehicle you want is shown)

- Open this link from the phone with your Tesla app installed

- If the pairing link redirects you to the Tesla app but you don't receive a popup requesting approval, force close the Tesla app and try again

Account access not granted

You haven’t granted sufficient permissions to access your account. You will need to first remove access and then try again. Follow these simple steps:

Remove the existing Third Party Access via the Tesla Portal. This link will automatically take you to the page. You will need to login with your Tesla account details.

If that link does not work, this can also be done manually in the Tesla Portal by following these steps:

1. Log in to your Tesla account on the Tesla Portal

2. Navigate to the Profile Settings tab within your Account Settings

3. Select "Third Party Apps" and then click on "Manage". You may have to login a second time.

4. Finally, choose "Remove Access" for

Leased vehicle or Non-owner account

To pair your vehicle with, you must be logged into the Tesla app on the user account associated with the vehicle's owner. Attempting to pair from a Tesla account where the vehicle owner has granted you driver-level access will not be successful.

If your Tesla is leased, hired, or part of a commercial fleet, you may lack the necessary "owner rights" to pair the vehicle with

In this case, forwarding this pairing link to the vehicle owner allows them to carry out the pairing step on your behalf. This step is a one-time requirement. Once the virtual key is installed, you can connect to the vehicle using any Tesla login with access to the vehicle, including driver access.

If, for any reason, the vehicle owner is unable or unwilling to perform the pairing, you will not be able to complete pairing and thus smart charge.

Vehicle is unreachable or offline during pairing

If your Tesla is offline when you try to connect it with, the pairing process will not succeed. To fix this, interact with your vehicle to ensure it's awake, confirm it's connected to WiFi or wait until you have strong mobile reception. You might also consider performing a vehicle reset using the scroll wheels if you’ve tried the above and still can’t pair.

No virtual key required

Pre-2021 Model S and X vehicles do not need pairing. For these vehicles, you don’t need a virtual key and can still smart charge and use

No phone key setup

You can set up your personal phone as a "phone key" that communicates with your Tesla using Bluetooth. If this setup hasn't been completed, an error message will appear when you attempt to pair your Tesla with

Refer to Tesla's instructions for setting up your phone key to resolve this issue before trying the pairing process again.

Token Rejection

When attempting to complete grant permissions, some users may receive a token rejected message, possibly due to a bug in the Tesla API.

This error occurs if you are trying to connect with a Tesla user account that is not the vehicle's primary owner. If you encounter this message, we advise waiting a few hours before making another connection attempt.

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